Reddit Writing Prompt #27: The Former Duke

You, a mighty demon from the depths of Hell, have been summoned into the body of a small dog with no means of escape. – MrNerdykins

Once, I was known as Lerorurian, Duke of the Damned.

Now, the name on my collar reads ‘Alfred’.

Once, my horrid visage instilled fear in all who beheld me.

Now, the reaction I get is generally “Aw, wookit da widdwe puppy. You’re so cute, yes, yes you are.”

Once, I was summoned by covens of witches who sought my council, and by fools who sought my cursed gifts.

Now, I am trapped in a small dog following the failed summoning attempt of a teenager who wanted to use demonic magics to make the most attractive female in his class desire him.

Once, I was the tormentor of sinners and heathens, visiting upon them exquisite pains and tortures.

Now, there is little else for me to do but sit around and, occasionally, go on a walk.

Once, I walked at the side of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, the Devil himself.

Now, I walk alongside my inept summoner’s father, Patrick, who is an accountant.

Once, I was a force of evil and cruelty unparalleled.

Now, the most heinous act I am capable of committing is peeing on the rug.

Once, I feasted upon the finest delicacies of Hell.

Now, I get two bowlfuls of dry kibbles a day, occasionally with some cheap meat mixed in.

Once, I was a ruler. A monster. A demon.

Now, I am a Maltese.

Damn it all.

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