Month: September 2015

Reddit Writing Prompt #24: Playing Dog

You are a teenager living with your single parent, a mad scientist. It’s up to you to clean up after the many messes left behind. – Noy2222

“Sit,” Melinda said, firmly staring down the ‘dog’. “Sit. I said sit.

The ‘dog’ snarled at her. It was the size of a draft horse, pitch black, with teeth like knives and eyes like a devil. Also: a pair of leathery wings, a barbed tail, and according to her father, the ability to breathe fire.

Melinda didn’t care. Compared to a lot of her dad’s monstrosities, this thing was a kitten. “Sit,” she repeated, holding the flank steak in front of her. Behind her back, she held her backup plan, in case things got too out of control.

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