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#Armageddon: It started with a picture of the President with his dog. Things escalated from there.

The Rise of President Threkids: The meteoric rise of the greatest president this country has ever known, who is most definitely not three children in a trench coat.

The Prank Wars: War is no longer waged with guns and bombs, but with whoopee cushions and rude drawings on national monuments. Truly, these are dark days.

Embrace of the Sun: An ancient vampire, tired of his long, lonely existence, prepares to commit suicide by sunlight.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Stephen, this new look is really attractive. And of course, the stories are great. Some I remember well, but some I don’t think I’ve seen before. You know how I dislike vampire stories, but the one about the aging (and dying)vampire was really touching. Can hardly believe I’m saying this, but I loved it. Will always be amazed at the scope of your imagination. Admire the variety of your vocab, similes,etc, and always enjoy the sly humor. Do keep on sending your work, it gives me such pleasure. Thankyou. Love, oma


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