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Reddit Writing Prompt #35: Checkmate?

As it turns out, Death has no idea how to play chess. –Ae3qe27u


“Pawns, and they only move two spaces if they haven’t moved before.”








“Yes, and they are knights.


The Great Wall of Trump

For six seconds, the entire world was silent. Not a single person dared to breathe.

In Washington, D.C., the announcer stared at the results, aghast. It was true. “Trump,” he repeated. “Donald – Donald J. Trump is the forty-fifth President of the United States of America.”

Thousands of millions of people stared at their television screens, feeling numb. In Ohio, somebody started crying. Continue reading “The Great Wall of Trump”

Dude, Where’s My Batmobile?

On the midnight streets of Gotham City, at the corner of Badger Boulevard and Olsen Street, just outside of Gotham City Hall, were two men. One stood ramrod straight, glancing up and down the street as if he was looking for something. The other man, piled on the ground and bound at the wrists and ankles, was cackling, his too-wide mouth showing too many teeth.

“Oh!” the bound man laughed. “Oh, this is rich! Absolutely, utterly, filthy rich!” He kept cackling, slamming his head on the ground in his mirth. “So rich it makes Bruce Wayne look like a pauper! Batman, the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight of Gotham, can’t remember where he parked!” Continue reading “Dude, Where’s My Batmobile?”

The Unwilling God; Or, The Big Hole

And the Maker said to His First Creation: I grant You dominion over Paradise. As it has always been, may You keep it so.

And the First Creation said: I thank You, Maker, and shall do as You ask.

And the Maker said to His Second Creation: I grant You dominion over Damnation. As it has always been, may You keep it so.

And the Second Creation said: I thank You, Maker, and shall do as You ask.

And the Maker said to His Third Creation: I grant You dominion over the World. As it has always been, may You keep it so.

And the Third Creation said: This is a terrible idea. You know that, right? …Right? Continue reading “The Unwilling God; Or, The Big Hole”

The Fallen Blackbirds

General Gaul Macrabius looked over the battlefield, arranged in miniature on the table before him. From here, it looked so much neater than the real thing. The soldiers were represented by carved wooden tokens, the larger tokens indicating larger groups. The enemy Boudosian soldiers, made out of dark chestnut, were constantly being moved as scouting reports filed in. It wasn’t a neat process. The information they had was hours out of date by the time it arrived, and it wouldn’t be updated until another scout could be sent.

“…and if they keep moving at the same pace, they should be here by noon tomorrow,” the scout finished. The Boudosian tokens were slowly creeping towards the collection of alder tokens that represented the last few thousand Craiviran troops still alive under Macrabius’s command. The Boudosians numbered almost three times that number, and they were led by a capable and prescient commander, who had used tactics and force of arms to corner Macrabius’s army against a mountain range. Continue reading “The Fallen Blackbirds”

The Contract

There was something subtly off about the man sitting across from me, diligently writing on the parchment using a feather pen. He had already been in the room when I was manhandled through the door by the burly, most-likely-not-human guard, sitting there like a statue in black robes embroidered with gold filigree. He said nothing as he wrote, and every time I opened my mouth to say something, the guard growled at me, and I shut up.

The man just felt wrong, in the same way that you can smell the cold. It felt like I was looking at a jigsaw puzzle with a few pieces missing. In the ten minutes since the eight-foot-tall man with horns had dragged me into the small, cold room, he hadn’t said a word. He just sat there, writing. Continue reading “The Contract”

Reddit Writing Prompt #34: The Four Foals

You are a simple horse farmer, and you notice your horses giving birth to four unusual foals. Upon closer inspection, you realize you bred the four horses of the Apocalypse. – deeed22

John sat on his front porch, and waited for the world to end.

Off in the corral, he could see the four horses – those four damned horses – roaming like normal beasts, but he could tell that they were skittish. He’d spent his entire life raising horses, but these, these were the finest creatures he’d ever raised. Not because they were the fastest, or the strongest, but because in the end, they would be the most important.

It was four years ago that the horses had been born. One bay, one pale gray, one black, and one white. Like the old book said. John hadn’t dared name them. That was for the riders to decide. He expected their arrival soon.

As the sun began to set over the farm, the four horses stopped what they were doing and looked up, staring off into the distance. John sat up. He was right. Damn it all, he was right. He’d known this day would come, been expecting it ever since those four horses had been born, but to know that he was actually right-

Four men appeared on the road, walking casually and slowly towards the farmhouse.

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Reddit Writing Prompt #33: Mars Awakens

Planets are actually gargantuan sleeping golems. Once a human visits one: they awake, grant them immortality, and serve them forever. Now, Earth is not asleep, but is a corpse of a golem that died fighting another planet many eons ago. At this moment the first manned mission to Mars is landing. – Mako_Heero

Captain Rachel Zachow’s heart thundered in her chest as the ramp touched down on the dusty red-orange soil. She could see her own reflection in the reinforced glass of her space suit, and she saw the nervousness in her eyes. This, she realized, was what it felt like to be a pioneer. The first human being to set foot on Mars, on any planet besides Earth. This was going to put her in the history books for the rest of eternity. She knew that, and it horrified her.

The space shuttle had been in transit for three months, and she had put a lot of thought into the First Words, the First Words she would say as she touched down on the Martian surface. It had to be short and sweet and easy to remember, and she had to not feel the worst case of stage fright in human history.

Her traveling partner slapped her on the back, urging her forwards. He had been totally silent on the way through the thin Martian atmosphere, but body language wasn’t off limits. Rachel nodded, and though she felt ready to run away, marched down the ramp. She almost tripped; she had trained in simulations of Mars’s gravity, but the feeling of being so much lighter still caught her off guard.

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Reddit Writing Prompt #32: From One Life To The Next

You are immortal. Not in the sense you that can never die, but you remember everything about your past lives. – somewhatusefulkinda

When I was six years old, my memories came back to me. It was like a dam had been broken in the back of my mind, and the boy that I had been up until that point drowned in the memories of hundreds of lives.

It was strange, to be thousands of years old and trapped in a body that was so small. Every time, I think that I would grow used to the feeling, but every time I am reminded of how impossibly small I am compared to what I once was.

As I always did, I tried my best to act like the child I was supposed to be, but people always thought that I was odd. There was something just subtly off about me, and I could see it reflected in the eyes of every child and every adult that I spoke to. Perhaps it was my eyes. People can never seem to look me in the eyes for too long without looking away. I don’t know if they even realized they were doing it, but they kept their distance from me. I was used to it.

As I always did, I lived the life I had been given. I did not stand out from the crowd, opting instead to be simply a face in the crowd. Living so many lives has given me a long view of the future, and I felt it best to remain on the sidelines of history. Even on those occasions when I was reborn into a royal family at the head of the line of succession, I would abdicate the throne. I did not want power. I just wanted to live.

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Reddit Writing Prompt #31: The Corpse Corps

The bodies of dead soldiers are reanimated and used on the front line once more. Two soldiers have just handed over a fallen comrade to one of the few living people at an undead military unit. – Cavalry262

The doors of the conversion facility thundered shut behind them. Alex doubled over and vomited. Tyler patted his chest, praying that his breast pocket would contain a much-needed cigarette. His prayer was mercifully answered, and he lit it with shaking hands.

The two men stood outside the horrible building, trying to ignore the sound of the machinery inside and failing to imagine what was being done to the body of their friend.

The building’s official title was the ‘Conversion Center for Fallen Soldiers’. Everybody else just called it the Morgue. Sometimes, Tyler considered going turncoat, and delivering the coordinates of the horrible building to the enemy so that they could bomb it to the ground. He couldn’t think of any reason why he shouldn’t, but he could never build up the courage to go through with it.

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