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Reddit Writing Prompt #30: The Muppets Rob A Bank

The Muppets rob a bank. – Manuel15456

Looking back on it, Kermit the Frog wasn’t surprised that the job had gone wrong. He was more impressed that it had taken that long to go wrong. Almost five minutes! That had to be some sort of record.

Planning the job had been the easiest part. Gonzo volunteered to drive the getaway car. Agreeing to that was Kermit’s first mistake, and it was very far from his last one. He didn’t have much choice; everybody was very sure what jobs they wanted to do, and it was as always a chore trying to wrangle them into anything resembling order. Fozzie (mistake two), and Miss Piggie (mistake three) were in charge of keeping the bank patrons in line while Beaker and Animal (mistake four) would crack the safe and collect the loot. Kermit, as the leader, had only one job: make sure things didn’t go wrong. It was mistake number five that he thought he was up to the task.

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