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Reddit Writing Prompt #14: King In The Forge

A prince can never inherit his father’s throne until he has spent at least two years living among the common people. –TerriblePrompts

The blacksmith’s apprentice struck the orange-hot metal with the heavy hammer, sending up sparks and pounding the metal into shape. After hitting the metal, the hammer bounced up, and the apprentice brought it back down on the bare metal of the anvil. The hammer rebounded, came back down on the hot iron, and was bounced off the anvil again. Like a drumbeat, the rhythm continued as sweat dripped off the apprentice’s nose.

After half an hour of hammering and reheating the metal, the apprentice noticed that he was being watched. He didn’t dare distract himself from his work, and so kept hitting the metal, the anvil, and again the metal.

Soon, the metal cooled to an orangeish-gray, and the apprentice returned it to the fiery mouth of the forge. Using his tongs, he selected another piece, and brought it out. The curved head of what was soon to become a shovel. The apprentice began to tap out tiny imperfections with small strikes of the hammer, and when he was satisfied, plunged it into a bucket of water.

“Edward,” his audience finally spoke. “We have to talk.”

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